Our Beers

  • Prima Cotta

    A medium body India Pale Ale where a solid malts base with caramel notes twists together with the American hops from Yakima Valley, Washington.

    The aroma exhibits passion fruit, ripe lychees and pineapple with hints of berries. A mild pine resinous touch confers to the flavor a pleasant lasting moderate bitterness.

  • Genziana

    Brewed with the malts of a dark Hefeweizen, the yeast of a Saison, hoppy as a Porter with a lingering earthy note coming from Gentian. The nose is persistent with roasted-coffee, pear and the fruity scent of Mosaic. The taste retrace similar feelings with a final distinctive Gentian touch.

  • Maracatú

    The house’s favorite, inspired to the low-alcohol Belgian ales consumed during the summer. The phenolic and esters from yeast, reminding of white pepper and pear, combine with the floral and earthy touch of Mosaic. The flavor reveals spicy note from rye malt and the citrusy of Cascade. Despite the typical saison guideline, carbonation is medium and the body is light to make it a session beer.

  • Medea

    A refreshing American Pale Ale with a distinctive aroma and flavor of grapefruit and tangerine. The second sip hints scents of apple and vanilla. This thin and complex equilibrium results from the combination of Apollo and Sorachi Ace, among the hops containing more essentials oils. Their signature sharp aroma and flavor profiles are kept together by the grassy and piney notes of Simcoe.

  • Portella

    • ABV: 5.7%
    • Grains: Barley, Wheat, Spelt
    • Hops: Ella, Saaz, Barbe Rouge

    Roasted-coffee, dark chocolate and toffee with a piney grassy aftertaste, here is our porter. Generously hopped with the berries-like French variety
    Barbe Rouge and the aussie flowery Ella, used as late-hop addition to impart a pleasant aroma but leaving space to the malts character. The noble Saaz gives is unique touch to a lingering, never overwhelming bitterness.

  • Amarillo Cascade

    Among the kings of hops, both riches in Myrcene and Farnesene, two of the oils contributing more to the beer aroma.
    The fruity Amarillo aroma bends here toward its citrus side meeting halfway with the orange-spice-like note of Cascade.

  • Amarillo El Dorado

    El Dorado for the tropical flavor, reminiscents of pineapple and maracuja, and Amarillo for a peachy-lemony aroma. The malts presence is moderate to let the hops speaks.

  • Barbe Rouge Ella

    The spiciness of rye malt is enhanced by the one of Australian Ella when used to impart bitterness. French Barbe Rouge, floral and cherry-like, rounds the taste and aroma.